Suswagatham Scenes - Climax Scene Excellent Dialog By Ganesh - Pawan Kalyan

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Suswagatham Scenes - Climax Scene Excellent Dialog By Ganesh - Pawan Kalyan Movie: Suswagatham Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Devayani, Sadhika, Prakash Raj, aghuvaran Director: Bheemaneni Sreenivasa Rao Producer: R.B. Choudary Music : S.A. Rajkumar Banner: Super Good Combines Story: Balasekhar Dialogues: Chintapalli Ramana Release date: 1 Jan 1998 Songs: 1. Ye Swapnalokala 2. Happy Happy 3. Come Come 4. Figaru Maata 5. Suswagatham 6. Aalayana Hara Thilo Story: This movie starts with college boy Ganesh Pawan Kalyan, who had following a girl Sandhya (Devayani) for the past four years, trying to express his love. Many times Sandhya warned Ganesh to not follow her so often. Ganesh also tried to take help of Sandhya's friend (Sadhika) but fails. One day Ganesh, on his birthday, tried to express his love to Sandhya and caught up to her father (Prakash Raj) who was a police officer and put him on the station. Later Ganesh father (Raghuvaran) take him out through the bail. Ganesh father go to Sandhya father and ask him to accept marriage proposal. But sandhya father rejects and try take her daughter to vishakapatnam to his sister house. Later he changed his mind and in hyderabad only. But Ganesh think Sandhya was in vishakapatnam and went to search her. At this time Ganesh father died in road mishap. At last Sandhya accepts the love of Ganesh. But at that time Ganesh rejects his love for wasting his precious time and losing his father. The movie ends when Ganesh going to attend the interview suggested by his father. Watch more movies @ More

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